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Open Repositories

  • Jemula802++: IEEE 802.11 protocol simulator with mobility and visualization
  • Jemula++: Single-core event-driven simulation
  • Audiocom: Scripts to simulate audio communication
  • Blocksim: Blockchain-related Monte-Carlo simulation

Course Material for Class at ETH Zurich

The yearly course (ETH course ID 252-0293) provides an overview about the wireless IEEE 802 standards for wireless communication and summarizes the state of the art for Wireless LANs, Wireless PANs, and Cellular LTE, including new topics such as Wi-Fi mesh networks, cognitive radio, Internet-of-Things, audio communications and visible light communication. The course combines its lectures with a set of assignments in which students are asked to work with a Java simulation software, some matlab scripts, and real embedded systems. The objective of the course is to learn about the general principles of wireless communications, including physics, frequency spectrum regulation, and standards. Further, the most up-to-date standards and protocols used for wireless LAN IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, mesh networks, sensor networks, cellular networks, visible light communication, and cognitive radios, are analyzed and evaluated.

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